"Administrators are employees or business partners of Armor Games with ultimate power over users including the ability to permanently ban them from the website."

Administrators (also referred to as Administration) is the highest rank in the Armor Games hierarchy. Administrators are employees of Armor Games who, depending on their specific job, control site layout, game development, and community aspect. In the past some Game Developers were given Administration power for a period of time.

Description Edit

The ranking "Administrator" is given only to a specific few who are employees of Armor Games and work at it's headquarters in Irvine, California. Administration is a concept that has existed since the days of Games of Gondor, but only in Armor Games v2 have they had interactive user pages and made their presence known to regular users. While their specific jobs tend to be undisclosed, some administrators have disclosed their services to the site, such as Ferret being the community manager, and boppins being a code writer for the site.

Administrators have 100% control over the site and it's users, having an array of abilities, largely unknown to the majority. They are responsible for the election of Moderators, as well as Knights, giving them pieces of their power while reserving their right to maintain order of the sites community as well as its marketing and growth. Their powers include:

- All Access To Armatars & Custom Pictures

The purpose of armatars was to prevent users from uploading pictures of a sexual or profane nature. Administrators, on the other hand, have access to custom armatars tailored specifically to them, or regular pictures that identify them best.

- Green text & Administration Badge

Exemplifying their status, Administrators have a special green text that appears when they post in the forums and bare the administration gilding - gold lining around their armatar or picture of choice and a small badge on the bottom right, which is a king's crown.

- Site Modification & Data Base Manipulation

Constantly fixing glitches, they have innate ability to reconstruct certain aspects of the site (i.e Administration easily changing the link "Community" to "Forums"). When something needs to be removed, a page is deleted from the site and the user interface changes. They also have the ability to delete users, also known as permanent banning.

- Locking & Moving of Forum Threads

When a thread is no longer functioning properly, begins to host repetitive or bad behavior, the thread is locked. The locking of a thread prevents any user from posting in the thread any longer and prevents the subject from resurfacing in that forum faction. If the forum post does not match the classified field it is in it is moved to another forum section.

List Of Current AdministratorsEdit


DannyAG's Armatar


DannyAG, also known as Daniel McNeely, is the founder and sole proprietor of Armor Games.


Ferret's Armatar


Ferret is the Community Manager and Social Media Manager for Armor Games. He is the first community manager to appear since cormyn, and is the first Social Media Manager for Armor Games.


jroyster22's Armatar


jroyster22 is a web programmer and glitch manager for Armor Games.


Iroot's customer picture


Iroot is a web developer for Armor Games. He is one of the first Administrators to appear on the site.


Tasslefoot's Armatar


Tasselfoot is a sponsorship manager and game developer for Armor Games.


boppin's Armatar


boppins is a web programmer for Armor Games. He is responsible for fixing many of the sites glitches that occurred during the late 2012/ early 2013 period.


gumption's Armatar


gumption is the Director Of Product Management for Armor Games. He is responsible for the management of orders that occur in the Armor Games store, and manages that aspect of the site.

Previous AdministratorsEdit


heyitsleo's Armatar


heyitsleo is a web developer and previous Administrator for Armor Games. He assisted in installing the Quest system to Armor Games, made several community tools, and created a developer platform for integrating games onto the site - primarily being used to this date. He has also worked alongside boppins to repair site structure. He resigned from Armor Games administration in Fall of 2013.


ConArtist's Custom Image


ConArtist Games is an independent game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They have uploaded a total of 8 games to Armor Games. Unlike other game developers, ConArtist is not an individual person, but rather, multiple persons using one account.


- Administrators often hold beta tests, tested by a specific group. The most popular beta test help was for AG3

- The Armor Games office in Irvine California is home to several happy sushi cat plushies and blue elephant stuffed animals, which can be purchased here

- Many previous Administrators are now either Knights or Moderators, see pages for more details

- In the past the term "Administrator" referred to both business partner/developers and actual employees of Armor Games. Now, the term is exclusive only to employees.