The First Post of AGCAI

The First Post of AGCAI

Armor Games Community Activity Initiative (also known as AGCAI and Operation: Activity) is a forum series consisting of users dedicated to increasing forum activity. The "series" of sorts was pioneered by Ernie15, but later reincarnated by xeano321. The name "Armor Games Community Activity Initiative" was founded by Minotaur55, a fellow contributor.


During the late 2012 period, Armor Games (v2) suffered from activity loss due to strict moderation and various rampant glitches. During this time, Ernie15, a popular user of AG created a forum post called "Operation: Increase Forum Interest". This thread kicked off fast, and users such as xeano321, Minotaur55, Salvidian, and GhostofMatrix contributed to the forum.

The users above and many more congregated on how to increase activity and give administrators ideas that would help the sites growth. Due to a lack of creativity, many users left Operation: Increase Forum Interest and the thread eventually died. Eventually, a small rally amongst his friends brewed and they rebuilt the Tavern, Popular Media, and other Forums lacking in activity.

As time went buy, due to Operation: Increase Forum Interest's efforts, the Forums were temporarily restored to a stable state. It remained so for 3 months, after 5 months activity lacked again.

History of Armor Games Community Activity InitiativeEdit

On May 25th, 2013, xeano321 created a thread entitled "Operation: Activity". This thread, unlike Ernie15's thread, was successful. It consisted of Himself, Minotaur55, Salvidian, GhostofMatrix, and pangtongshu posting ideas on how to catch the administrators attention to the pending issues of the site. The ideas put into place (unlike Operation: Increase Forum Interest) consisted of users attempting to find the root to issues in user activity, finding ways to solve it, and preventing it from happening again - whereas Operation: Increase Forum Interest was only concerned with bringing to light the "forums state of health". As the thread raged on it caught the attention of one administrator, the newest of the Armor Games team, Ferret. Ferret was happy to see the users care for the sites activity and was happy to help. It was during this time where the forum was renamed to Armor Games Community Activity Initiative.

One concern of the users was the Forums accessibility. Instead of the link to the forums being self entitle, it was named "Community" which proved to be a confusing and vague term. With the success AGCAI had, Ferret convinced the Administrators of Armor Games to change the "Community" button into "Forums". Due to the button being changed, activity in the forums not only improved, but it became user friendly.

At a later date the forum post became locked, ending with a post from xeano saying the initiative was fulfilled. Concern regarding the forum activity persisted beyond the forums closing, and AGCAI's state has since remained deceased. The following quote is the last heard from the group.

Thread has served its purpose, and will hereafter be closed for the time being. If a time ever arises where the A.G.C.A.I. is needed again, I will most gladly bring it back.

Thanks for your time, thoughts, ideas, and comments pertaining to AG activity. I believe that great accomplishments were achieved in this thread, and I hope that the effects will be felt long after it's closed.

Thank you again.