Rules for this wiki:

1. Do not make pages identifying and personifying any specific users (with the exception of Administration, used strictly for the purpose of providing an in depth documentation on that Administrators position at Armor Games LLC). Any page found documenting a users experience on Armor Games will be deleted and the user and or IP address will be banned.

2. The Armor Games Official Wiki is used for the purpose of providing legible information to the masses. Any user can make a grammatical change to any of the wiki pages but cannot alter the structure of the individual pages without proper permissions (see Rule 3 for more information).

3. Users who have full control over the wiki are Armor Games Wiki administrators. Users from the Armor Games website will receive administrative privileges once they have shown useful action in documenting the events of the site. The current administrators for this wiki are MoonFairy, Riptizoid101pangtongshu, SalvidianMinotaur55, and Ferret. When an administrator has shown irresponsible behavior towards the wiki he/she will be demoted and banned. Ultimate control over the wiki goes to Administrator Minotaur55.

4. Comments are currently enabled and anyone can write anything as a comment. However, if we find that you are writing malicious content your comment (spamming, flaming, badgering, trolling) that user will be removed and banned.

These rules may change at any time without prior notice. Keep posted; it's your responsibility to.