Armor Points (commonly called AP) are a now disbanded measure of user activity. They functioned as a reward system on Armor Games, as having a certain number of Armor Points granted the user a rank. These ranks allowed users to unlock special Armatars.


The AP system was introduced with Armor Games v2 to promote community activity and growth. Commenting, game rating, posting in the forums, receiving merits, and submitting new games all gave a designated number of Armor Points to the user. Unfortunately, by automatically rewarding users for any and all comments and forum posts, this system inadvertently acted as a draw for spammers, commonly called "AP Farmers".


In order to stop the massive amount of spam that plagued Armor Games, the only available solution was for the Armor Points system to be destroyed. This decision became a two-edged knife, however, resulting in a classic example of the Overjustification effect, with users stating that it "took away the excitement of posting in the forums and posting comments to people". The disinclination was so strong that several users left Armor Games.

The Armor Points system was replaced by what is known as The Quest System, which is designed to promote activity in games, rather than the community. The constant increase in MMO games appearing on Armor Games made the Quest System a suitable replacement for Armor Points.