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Member Since: 7/6/2012
Gender: Male
Occupation: Active

Appearance: The Admin Team

Boppins is the second newest Administrator to Armor Games and is well known for fixing 90% of Armor Games glitches and issues. He was the first Administrator to recieve a custom armatar of his own, the pink unicorn (see Gallery for more details).

Contributions to Armor Games GrowthEdit

Boppins joined Armor Games on July 6th, 2012. Ever since, he has tackled issues Armor Games had. He was responsible for changing user messages to display a users armatar in the message and reactivated the activity button, which in the past was disabled due to the user experience resulting in lag. He also fixed issues ocurring in the forums, user pages, loggin issues, and a glitch know as "The Rogue Glitch" which changed user credentials entirely. Ever since he has been a member of Armor Games, glitch levels have decreased rapidly.



- Boppins' Armor Games profile can be found here

- Boppins, like Ferret, issued Merits to users who reported issues and glitches in the site.