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Member Since: 10/15/2012
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Ferret is the newest Administrator to Armor Games and is the Armor Games Community Manager. He was the only Administrator assisting and participating in AGCAI, a community based initiative to promote Armor Games community activity, maintain it's stability, and find solutions to community inactivity.

Assistance In Armor GamesEdit

Ferret, along side the other Armor Games Administrators, came up with a series of ideas and new features for Armor Games' newest incarnation - AG3 - which later wound up as a failed project due to the newer codes causing a series of glitches and site failures. Ferret and Boppins later worked towards a new project; incorperating AG3 features into AG2 and maintaining community growth and support. The first start of this was the destruction of Armor Points, a series of points that are aquired by doing tasks on the site such as rating a game, posting a comment, and submitting a flash game.

Armor Points (commonly called AP) were originally intended as an indicator of activity on the website but were accumulated in masses by spammers commonly called "AP Farmers". In order to stop the massive amount spam that filled Armor Games the only available solution was for the Armor Points system to be destroyed. This resulted in a negative impact on the Armor Games Community, saying that it "took away the excitement of posting in the forums and posting comments to people". This also made several users leave Armor Games and resulted in a community activity drop. The Armor Points system was replaced by what is known as The Quest System. The Quest System was referred to as "The New Armor Points" by the Administrators and was designed to promote activity in games more so then accessive community activity. The constant increase in MMO games appearing on Armor Games made the Quest System a suitable replacement for Armor Points.

While Boppins was managing the site glitches Ferret pursued ways to promote Armor Games Community activity. This was around the time when Quests were not widely accepted and became the root cause of users leaving Armor Games. A small group of users, the most active on Armor Games, formed a think tank themed forum thread designed to promote activity on Armor Games and find the root cause of inactivity. This thread, referred to as the "Armor Games Community Activity Initiative", was inspired by a semi-autonomous thread pioneered by Ernie15, originally called "Operation: Activity". For more information regarding Ferret's involvement in Armor Games Community Activity Initiative, read below.

Participation in AGCAIEdit

Ferret joined Armor Games Community Activity Initiative (reffered by it's acronym and common moniker "AGCAI") on Jun 7th, 2013 after user xeano321 sent an E-mail to the Armor Games Admin team. He was very happy to see users were willing to assist in the sites development and gladly assisted AGCAI in its campaign. Since then, he has been a contributing Administrator for the group.

Because of his assistance in AGCAI's first request, the button linking to the forums, formally known as "Community" was renamed to "Forum" due to confusion and vagueness of the word Community.



- Ferret's Armor Games profile can be found here

- Ferret does not support Ferrets being illegal in California

- Ferret is the first Community Manager on Armor Games in 2 years

- Ferret likes Rock Climbing, Geology, and Video Games

- Ferret manages the Armor Games Twitter Page