Armor Games Forums

Armor Games Forums

The Armor Games Forums are split up into four different Forums, which are split into varying subforums, and the subforums are split into topics called threads. Threads are comprised of posts.

Armor Games Forum

The Armor Games Forum hosts three different threads, each forum designed to be used for site develoupment. This Forum group hosts the Support Forum, Newcomers Forum, and News, Feedback and Suggestions Forum.

Support Forum- (more info)

This forum is used by users asking questions about certain issues and glitches.

Newcomers Forum- (more info)

This is where new users get to introduce themselves and where senior members greet newcomers. This forum is most often used by users who recently joined or returned to the site. Previously, when AP still existed on AG, users did not recieve AP from posting in this Forum.

News, Feedback and Suggestions: (more info)

This is where users give suggestions to help in the sites growth process. This forum was merged with the a previous forum, now defuncted, entitle "AG3 Forum".

Gaming Forums

The Gaming Forum is the location for users to due anything entertaining. It hosts six forums, the Flash Games Forum, the Quests Forum, the Massive Multiplayer Online Games Forum, Video Games Forum, Forum Games Forum, and the Games Walkthrough Forum.

Flash Games- (more info)

This is where users talk about Flash Games, usually the ones in the Armor Games website. The users who attend this forum generally talk about their favorite games or compare scores.

Quests (more info):

This is a relatively new forum. This forum advertises quests and gives tips as to how to find and complete them.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games- (more info)

Also refered to as MMO, this is where users talk about anything MMO.

Video Games (more info):

The Video Games forum is the place where users talk about video games and consoles. It has become rather popular since the release of the eighth generation consoles, such as Xbox One and PS4.

Forum Games- (more info)

Forum Games is where users get to create fun games inside threads.

Game Walkthroughs- (more info)

This is where users give or receive advice about games if they are stuck.

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is where the users with the most amount of character go to chat about worldly subjects. It is also the founding place for AGCAI and is the thread's hosting place. It hosts three forums, the World Events, Politics, Religion, Etc Forum, the Popular Media Forum, and The Tavern.

World Events, Politics, Religion, Etc (more info):

Also known as WEPR, it is the place where users discuss news headlines. It is also the place where users talk about users political and religious ideals. WEPR has made it's own legacy from pioneers MageGrayWolf and Nichodemus.

Popular Media(more info)

Popular Media is the place where users talk about music or movies. It seems to be one of the least active forums on Armor Games these days.

The Tavern (more info):

This is where the users with the most amount of personality talk about miscellaneous subjects. This forum contains some of the users with the most amount of peronality and the least amount of care for others.

The Forge

The Forge hosts forums regarding creativity. It contains but two forums, the Programming Forum, and the Art, Music, and Writing Forum (also known as AMW).

Programming Forum(more info)

The Programming Forum is where users recruit other users to assist in game develoupment. This is also where users ask for help regarding programming or coding.

Art, Music, and Writing (more info):

This is where users post there poetry and writings for others to see. It is also the place where users post their independently made music and their art work.