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Member Since: 11/15/2007
Gender: Male
Occupation: Inactive

Appearance: Armor Games Staff

John was an Administrator and Gamer Developer for Armor Games. He left Armor Games in the summer of 2013. He was awarded the status Knight for his services to Armor Games.

Flash Game CollectionEdit

John has made a total of 78 Flash Games in his time working for Armor Games. Games he is famous for are listed below:

Exit Path: Exit Path was a very popular multiplayer racing game back in 2011. For a period of time a hacked version of Exit Path existed know as "Exit Path YCK". The YCK version is currently defunct.

This Is Only Level 3: This Is Only Level 3 is one of many Flash Games to host "The Blue Elephant". This Is Only Level 3 is the most popular Flash Game hosting The Blue Elephant. Plushies of The Blue Elephant have taken off thanks to The Blue Elephant and the amount of games he has appeared in.

Chuck The Sheep: Chuck The Sheep is one of the most popular games on Armor Games. In the game you are playing as Chuck, a Sheep, trying to escape from poachers. In the process he builds a plane to escape and launches himself to freedom.


- John's Armor Games profile can be found here

- John's game collection on Armor Games can be found here

- John left Armor Games to work for Kongregate. For a period of time he was referred to as "The Darth Vader of Armor Games"