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Member Since: 11/28/2007
Gender: Male
Occupation: Unknown

Appearance: The Admin Team

Krin is a flash game maker and business partner of Armor Games. For a point of time, he was an Administrator for Armor Games, though he never assisted in the site management and development. He is famous for games such as Colony and Sonny.

Flash Game CollectionEdit

Krin has made an array of games from 2005 till currently. Some games he is well known for are listed below:

Sonny: Sonny is an older game Krin had made but one of his most popular games, that has received nearly 10 million plays on Armor Games alone. Details regarding Sonny's plot and gameplay can be found here (**CONTAINS SPOILERS**).

Sonny 2: Sonny 2 is the newest Sonny game made by Krin and is Sonny's successor. Sonny 2 took a much longer time to develop, longer then any game he has made in the past and present. Details regarding Sonny 2's plot and gameplay can be found here. (**CONTAINS SPOILERS**)

Colony: Colony is a online multiplayer game based around war in the future, where players rule and control Colonies. Colony is frequently played on Armor Games, but has had common reports of hackers.

Sinjid: Sinjid is a RPG game where the player plays through Sinjid's life and adventures. Details regarding Sinjid's plot and gameplay can be found here. (**CONTAINS SPOILERS**)



- Krin is his nickname. His first name is actually Jakrin.