The Shooting Games category.

Shooting Games is one of the more popular game categories, with titles such as Raze and Strike Force Heroes. It is the 5th listed category. Its most popular game is Raze, with no less than 26,562,375 plays. The best rated games in the category are Raze 2(the sequel to Raze) and Strike Force Heroes, tied at a 9.5 rating (out of 10). Other popular shooting games include Bubble Tanks 2, Storm the House 3, and Shell Shock Live , one of the few games to feature Player versus Player engagements within the game, using the player's Armor Games account.


Raze and Raze 2 are some of the most popular games in the Shooting Games category and in the Armor Games website. The games take the player to another universe, in which the player must find weapons and supplies to fight enemies that include aliens and zombies. In both games, the player can modify his appearance, and in Raze 2, the player can even pick perks and special abilites. 

The player is able to play a Campaign game mode, in which he/she fights aliens and other threats to the human race. Upon completion of the Human Campaign, the player can embark upon an adventurous new campaign, in which he/she plays as the Aliens.

Raze 2 Trailer

Raze 2 Trailer

However, the player can also play in the Quick Match game mode, in which the player can select the number of bots the player wants to fight against, as well as their difficulty. The bots can be placed in up to four teams. The maximum number of soldiers in the field at a time (including bots) is limited to 12. Each of the bots features its own name, appearance, and weaponry. Some gamemodes (in Raze 2 ) include Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, and Juggernaut.

Both games were published under the JuiceTin account.

Strike Force HeroesEdit

Strike Force Heroes and Strike Force Heroes 2 are two popular games in the Shooting Games category. In both games, the player joins a special operations team known as the Strike Force Heroes. They are charged with special missions in which the army simply isn't enough. This elite team consists of several soldiers, each with his own abilities and sets of weaponry. The player can pick one of the four different classes and level his character to unlock more powerful weapons, perks, and killstreaks.

Strike Force Heroes 2 - Trailer

Strike Force Heroes 2 - Trailer

Both games feature several gamemodes, which include Campaign, Challenges, and Quick Match. In the campaign, the player undertakes several missions that follow a storyline. In both games, the player engages an evil organization named Globex, with the support of his squad. If the player chooses to take on the Challenges, he or she would fight bots in adverse conditions, which include use of only a certain type of weapons and the unexpected modification of your character's traits.

Both games were published under the JuiceTin account.