Armor Games hosts many games that caters to athletes for when they're off the field. These games can be found in the sports section . Some of the most popular sports games are Neon Rider (7.6m plays; 8.3/10), Free Rider 2 (5.8m plays; 8.5/10), Epic Combo!(3.3m plays; 9/10), and Cyclomaniacs (2.6m plays; 8.6/10).

Constitution of a Sports GameEdit

The definition of a sports game on Armor Games seems to change quite often. Many sports games are directly related to sports while others are considered sportish because they are about recreational activities. For example, Neon Rider might be considered a sports game because it relates loosely to driving sports like NASCAR, while other sports games like Goal in Oneare directly related to real sports. In this case, soccer.

Sports GalleryEdit