A screenshot of the Tavern

The Tavern is a subforum in the Forums, and arguably the most active. The Tavern has been a subforum on the since AG2 was released in 2007.

Thread Types & ActivityEdit

The Tavern is a forum to host any miscellaneous discussion, making it a a hub for discussion of peoples personal activities and the like. However, it's also held many serious threads pertaining to activity, such as AGCAI. A quintisential Tavern thread is the General Relationship thread, where you can talk about your significant other and problems you may be facing, or try to help others going through some rough times.

A main issue the tavern has had is spam. It is the one forum that has contained the most amount of spam, rude behaviour, or other acts that go against Armor Games' rules. An example of this are FGA's many threads, many of which include faster paced posting, shorter forum posts, blatant internet humor (often pertaining to sexuality), and staged belligerant behavior.